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Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

With a focus on automated diagnosis and connected health, RAD365 Artificial Intelligence is our effort to leverage tools in this burgeoning field to make the processes more efficient and results 100 per cent accurate eliminating any human misses/errors.

Our Team

Our core team has an average experience of more than 20 years working in the US and India. We work in close collaboration with our senior radiologists, doctors and technologists, who have decades of combined experience in their respective areas.

Core Strengths

Our team members across domains have Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in technology and medicine. Our core Healthcare AI focused team has extensive experience in areas of traditional Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning technologies and different frameworks for re-using publicly available models (Transfer Learning). With deep experience in their respective domain and underlying technology stacks, the team can deliver best-in-class products and services that meet clients’ business objectives.

Our Expertise

  • Domain expertise in Radiology and Healthcare as a whole
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Block chain Technology
  • Big Data Hadoop – Spark eco-system

Our Methodology

We use deep learning for radiology image analytics in addition to traditional machine learning for different feature engineering methodologies. Research experience of our radiologists enables us to incorporate important features in the workflow to create advanced models with great quality.

Quality Assurance

Availability of in-house data help us validate our model extensively resulting in the high-quality health care model. We validate our model using available benchmarking datasets and also use our in-house tele-radiology services to routinely validate our products.


AI Tools for Health Solutions

  • Innovative
  • Precious
  • Efficient

Our Initiatives

Using traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, we are in the process of arriving at automated diagnosis systems for some specific use cases. This technology is not a replacement for radiologists. Instead it allows radiologists to be more efficient in ensuring that they do not miss any kind of pathology in the images.
Currently we are working on the following solutions:

Automation in Diagnosis

Our Solutions

Development of Deep Learning algorithms for detection and segmentation of radiology images of various modalities.
  • Identification of niche opportunities
  • Research (secondary - transfer learning) and algorithm development using Deep Learning and Feature Engineering.
  • Trial runs


  • Parallel eco-system for tele-radiology process in the Reading nodal point
  • Productivity & output in terms of accuracy, reading speed, value based reporting will be the key beneficial aspects
  • Access to global live database about related possible case studies for comparison purpose for better reporting
  • Highly effective support during emergency situations in reading any image of a critical patient
  • Enhances the efficiency in terms of spotting pathology in the images

Internet of Health - IOH

Our Solutions

Development of Deep Learning algorithms for detection and segmentation of radiology images of various modalities. Our solutions include device management, personalized intelligence generation using machine learning and AI and providing dashboards and alerts for emergency situations. We use block chain technology to store critical patient/user data for privacy, trust and access control. We also have partnerships with local care providers for last mile care services
  • Service layer
  • Device Management
  • Last Mile Care


  • Monitoring the Vital signs of a human 24x7 at a cost-effective rate.
  • Effective pro-active monitoring of health indicators.
  • Pro-active monitoring facilitates preventive analytics, e.g. preventing an impending heart-attack.
  • Prompt updating of health condition 24x7 to a patient’s care giver & family.

Center Of Excellence - COE

This is our internal facing group which serve other groups in the company for conducting POCs on new and emerging technologies and applications. Our COE is a small team with very deep technology expertise and functional knowledge in Healthcare domain.

Our Solutions

  • Developing POCs for the group
  • Providing Training and Internship opportunities for students
  • Re-skilling of IT professionals in the area of AI and ML in Healthcare
  • Content creation – blogs / tutorials / kernels / notebooks


  • Accelerates product development life cycle by introducing new innovations.